Monday, 22. September 2014
THIS WAS PEACECAMP - Gabó, Hungarian delegation

I came to the peacecamp with a huge feeling of nervousness, what flew away when we started to get to know each other first in the room, and then in the whole camp. First, I couldn't remember those weird names, and at the end of the camp I didn't want to let them go home. None of them.
One of my favorites parts of the days was the art session, when we did a lot of interesting, funny, and sometimes weird things. It was cool to see how almost everyone a little bit confused about the exercises, because they aren't usual, but then everyone started to think that 'Who cares? That's fun, just do this!', and we not just laughed at the others, but laughed with the others and that was the best.
16 students in 10 days can't make peace in the whole world, can't change the people's mentality of a whole country, can't solve global problems, but they can learn and change. And I think everyone, who was at the peacecamp changed a lot, became a better person – maybe that won't show up for a long time, but I believe that the stories we've heard, the serious topics we talked about in the large groups and the others-what sometimes wasn't less serious- we talked about in the second, night large group, the experiences we lived through together, and the inside jokes we shared left a mark in everyone.
For me that was a really emotional 10 days what provided me with much food for thought.
A have learned a lot about people, humanity, the world, cultures and about myself too.