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Jewish and Palestinian delegations

1. Is there an Israeli-Palestinian “peace process”?
What were the attempts for peace negotiations between Israelis and Palestinians and why did they fail?
What are your personal ideas about how to achieve a peaceful coexistence between Israelis and Palestinians?
Please outline your personal “road to peace”.

2. The Shoah and its impact on the Israeli-Palestinian relationships

Austrian and Hungarian delegations

A peace project called “European Union”
- How was the European Union created and what led to the formulation of the Charter of Fundamental Rights?
- What are the basic premises on which the European Union is founded?
- What do you personally think of the charter? Do you personally agree with it/a part of it? Please specify.
- How are these rights put into action in your country? Are you personally satisfied with the way your country realizes the charter?
- What would you suggest/change in the way your country realizes the charter of fundamental rights?
- What can be done in your country to improve the situation of minorities – particularly the Roma? What can your country do in order to dissolve prejudices and to allow better integration of foreigners/minorities into your society?
- Freedom of expression and freedom of press in your country
- Political parties in your country. Can political parties be a threat to democracy, freedom and equality in your country?
- What can the European Union do to safeguard democracy in Hungary?
- The situation of Jews in Austria and in Hungary before and during WW2, the Shoah (Holocaust)
- Europe divided by the Iron Curtain; fall of the Iron Curtain

Each delegation is requested to bring posters reflecting the issues mentioned above. Pupils will not be asked to lecture about these topics, but should be prepared to answer questions or explain their posters – and their personal thoughts – on request.

Suggestion for reading (all groups)
• I shall not hate - Izzeldin Abuelaish
• We just want to live here - Amal Rifa’i and Odelia Ainbinder with Sylke Tempel
• The Diary of Anne Frank

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