Meet Victoria Kirchner, Austrian delegation

Hello, my name is Vicky and i´m fifteen years old. I was born in Vienna but I am half-russian because my mom comes from russia. I like to play the piano and I love to sing. I´m also in a choir and I love it. In my free time I like to go out and go running with my dog, meet some friends, make sport or just reading (I´m addicted to reading :)). I never been to Peace-Camp before but I´m very interested in making new experiences and meet other people.
I am very excited about Peace-Camp and meeting you all and I can´t wait until it starts.

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Meet Caroline Koczan - Art-Workshops4peace

Hello, everyone! I am really looking forward to your visit and so I want to introduce myself: My name is Caroline, and this is my first time participating on “peacecamp” although I'm very interested in the subject “peace in the Middle East” for a very long time. I'm an actress and singer, and for many years I have worked with young people in the theater, film, and all kinds of projects. I am currently doing a study of pedagogy and can therefore participate in the peace camp only a few days later. I'll support AnnPhie and Luke with their work for your performance and in the morning I'm going to do with you beautiful "warm ups". We also will experience many kinds of games (inside and outside) to get to know each other better. I'm very curious about you, and I am pleased to meet you!

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Meet Alexandra Lux, workshop talks4peace


I´m Alexandra and part of the “talks4peace” team.

I live near Vienna, Austria, and teach maths and history at a secondary school. But not at the moment as our little son requires most of my time and energy. He will come with us and adore you for your cool abilities like running fast and playing ball with your feet.

I love reading and eating good food (yes, you were right, I was hungry when I wrote this), with little Aaron swimming is our biggest hobby and now also riding the bike to a playground nearby.

I´m looking forward to interesting discussions with you and learn about your countries and I´m curious about the way you see your life and the world.

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