Wednesday, 1. October 2014
THIS WAS PEACECAMP 2014 - Vicky, Austrian delegation

The first time I heard about Peacecamp I was really sceptic. I never thought that it is possible to get so close with people, I never saw before, in only ten days! Every one of us collected a lot of experiences about each other and each other’s cultures. We all became a big group of friends and that made me really happy because I think that friendship is the step to a world full of peace.

Now I know better to listen to other people and to the things they are talking and this very important. Listening to each other is so important and I learned about that in this camp. In the Large Groups everyone was free to talk about their thoughts and their feelings and the best thing is that everyone was listening and no one was blaming the others. This touched my heart because I thought that I already lost my hope in humanity but this showed me that there is a way to the perfect world and it lays in the power of listening and understanding.

The culture evenings were impressive and great. They showed me the other cultures and we also learned their typical dances. A magical moment for me was when we all were holding hands and dancing these dances. At this moment I felt that we are a union.

Not only the culture evenings and the Large Group were impressive for, but also the workshops we did. These brought us closer to each other and made us to become friends. They showed me different ways to know the people better and I really miss the morning sessions (Yoga).

I am really happy that I met all the great people there and now I believe in a world full of peace and friendship. Thanks to everyone who gave me the power to believe in that!