Friday, 26. September 2014
THIS WAS PEACECAMP 2014 - Meeral, Arab delegation

Peacecamp was a very special and amazing experience.. all the people were nice , the activities …
Before I got to Austria I thought that being there was something ordinary that ill get through it after a week, and that it will be boring but the thing that got me wanting to go there was Vienna .. so I got there , I saw the place , the people and I got amazed and surprised .. because everything was awesome.
The weather was amazing .. the rooms .. even the students were amazing
So the next day passed and the activities were amazing, the free time was nice ..
And those 10 days passed so fast that I really want to be there till the rest of my life, really like the placed that they picked it is really nice because of the view in lackenhof is really adorable.
I have learned a lot .. I have heard a lot of perspective and understood a lot .. and offcorse I’d take those information with me the whole time in my life and I saw that we actually can promote peace in my generation by doing a lot of peacecamps .. because if 2 perspective “hate” each others and then put them together in a room and put them out side the box which is the reality they’d understand it and start loving each others and they would tell there friends and in the future there children and that’s how we promote peace by loving and caring to each others ..
That’s what I learned there I really took that vitamin p (peace) from there and it will be in my blood for ever .
I really support the idea of this camp and I really wish I would go again and again because I know that I wont get board there from the place , from the people , from the activities .
This was peacecamp 2014 AMAZING !