Thursday, 25. September 2014
THIS WAS PEACECAMP 2014 - Amitay, Jewish-Israeli delegation

Peacecamp was one of the most interesting and powerful experiences I have ever experienced. At first the whole idea of peacecamp sounds a little bit scary, 32 people from four various nationalities , different perspectives of the same problem and all of this in English, but after being in the peacecamp I can say that it is possible to have some fun between all of the hard work.
In the peacecamp I met new friends from different countries and even from my own. After a few days I realized that we are not so different after all. We all love soccer and music, and after a few more days we were a united group. I felt like I knew these people for years and it's all thanks to Lucas and AnnPhie.
The peacecamp changed me, now I am more open to meet new friends and more open to tell my perspective and listen to others.
I have learned a lot in the peacecamp and I highly recommend it for everyone. A big thank you for all the participants I miss you all.
Amitay Carmon