Monday, 22. September 2014
THIS WAS PEACECAMP - Marci, Hungarian delegation

To be honest, before the camp i was a bit skeptic about this whole thing, but my opinion has changed a lot in the end. Before we met I thought that everybody was different because of the cultural variance, but then when we met each other at the airport, i noticed that everybody looked like just my friends. In the first few days, some of us was a bit closed and shy, but I think this is normal.

I went to the camp to listen. Listen to the problems of each of us, listen how people try to get answers, solutions and get over a problem. Before the camp i barely knew anything about the Middle East and their problems, because I haven’t studied about it in the school. For me it was a really significant experience that I’ve heard during the camp. At the first „large group” section some Palestinian and Jewish children started to blame each other and at that moment for me was really tough to hear that voices fighting each other. Personally I think it was really sad to see, that these people outside the „large groups” haven’t argued at all, they talked to each other, laughed and had fun. At home, however the same people hurt each other by words and guns... I cannot accept that there is no solution, because in my opinion this whole conflict is about some political ideology which forces nations to fight, because it is someone’s interest that people hate each other..

This camp made me think a lot about these issues; furthermore I made new friendships and learnt about other cultures.