Wednesday, 5. November 2014
THIS WAS PEACECAMP 2014 - Aia, Arab delegation

Peacecamp was a really interesting experience for me.
As for the dialogues I didn’t quite like it a lot because I felt like they were trying to normalize my perspective as a Palestinian, Israel OCCUPIES Palestine and this is not a conflict of 2 equal sides countries and that wasn’t very clear in peacecamp.
Other than that, I had a lot of fun!
We had 2 AMAZING leaders who were Lukas and Anphie that I love so much.
I learned A LOT from Lukas and also the fact that Austria and Hungary were in conflict and now they don’t even remember their conflict it filled me up with a little bit of hope.
The camp was a lot of fun I got to meet new amazing people and I had the time of my life !
The only thing I would change was how they did the dialogues but other than that it was really good and I enjoyed in particulary the culture nights.

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