Tuesday, 29. April 2014
Meet Victoria Kirchner, Austrian delegation

Hello, my name is Vicky and i´m fifteen years old. I was born in Vienna but I am half-russian because my mom comes from russia. I like to play the piano and I love to sing. I´m also in a choir and I love it. In my free time I like to go out and go running with my dog, meet some friends, make sport or just reading (I´m addicted to reading :)). I never been to Peace-Camp before but I´m very interested in making new experiences and meet other people.
I am very excited about Peace-Camp and meeting you all and I can´t wait until it starts.


tostra, 7/7/14, 9:24 AM
peace starts in family
Peace is an easy word, but necessary for our living without pain. It starts in the persons of your Family your Mum from Nishny Novgorod, the Brothers and your sister you have. Do you know them ? Send a question to tesao69@gmx.at and you`ll find peace and contenment for your heart. This opens secrets for you, then you can spend for everyone arround you - don´t hesitate - try !!!